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PepsiCo | Ruffles feat. Cheetos & Baconzitos

I was invited by Boson Post and AMPFY to animate the famous internet character Flork for the new ad campaign for new flavors of Ruffles. "It's not fic, it's Feat". RUFFLES® plays with fanfic writers - people who create fictional stories on social media - and invites the consumer to create alternative stories of how new flavors were created. I participated in two of the five videos released on Ruffles Brasil's instagram. Both doing the cel animation (rough and colors)


Client: Pepsico/Ruffles
Agency: AMPFY | Carolina Florentino and Dionisio Crocce Produced by: Boson Post

Commercial: TIME + | Magda Parolin-Barbieri

Director: Filipe Campeiro

Creative Direction: Eduardo Vilela Brandão

Treatment: Camila Chaim de Montier Ferraz
Executive production: Ezany Brandão da Silva Junior

Assistant: Samanta Correa

Submission: Amanda Queiroz Telles

Finishing Operator: Marcus Vinicius

Editing: Marcus Vinícius | Fernando Dias

2D Animation (Flork): Eskimo | Clara Campoy | Gustavo Campoy and Louise Bonne

Motion Graphics: Fernando Dias

Color Grading: Luan Montmart Monteiro

Technical Support: Juan Gimenez

Capture: Elastika

Executive Producer: André Mortara

Audio producer: Pingado Audio

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