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Layer Lemonade | Illustrations to animation blog
Ilustração_Sem_Título (22).png

In 2021 I started writing for a famous animation blog from Brazil: Layer Lemonade. My articles usually focus on how to develop in a career, talking a little about how to get started and how to improve issues that don't necessarily involve animation principles. All illustrations were made using the Procreate app. Click on the images to visit the articles. Remembering that they will be written in Portuguese :)

Ilustração_Sem_Título (21).png
Ilustração_Sem_Título (20).png
Ilustração_Sem_Título (23).png

I chose Procreate for being flexible, I could illustrate for the blog anywhere in the world and also for the comfort of designing a tablet. Managed to animate once to test and get the result below.

The Process
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